Terms of Service

CLUB SIHLPARK is a product of Di Sasse based in Schindellegi

1 Scope
The present conditions are applicable to all agreements concluded by CLUB SIHLPARK regarding events of all kinds and the associated services. CLUB SIHLPARK is not a public restaurant, bar or event facility.

2. Conclusion of contract
CLUB SIHLPARK provides the customer with a written offer or an order confirmation regarding events and the associated services. The information regarding costs is shown exclusive of VAT (if not explicitly stated including VAT). As soon as the customer's verbal or written commitment to the offer has been confirmed to CLUB SIHLPARK, the contract is deemed to have been concluded and a payment on account of 50% will be made after conclusion of the contract. The advance invoices are due for payment immediately and without deduction. The balance of the outstanding amounts will be paid 20 days after the invoice is issued by CLUB SIHLPARK to the customer.

3. Termination by Customer
If the contract is canceled by the customer, the customer is liable in any case for the services already provided by CLUB SIHLPARK, artists' fees and expenses. Agreed special services will also be invoiced in any case. CLUB SIHLPARK's further claims in the event of termination by the customer are based on the provisions of Section 9.

4. Termination by CLUB SIHLPARK
If CLUB SIHLPARK has reason to believe that the event does not comply with legal requirements, jeopardizes smooth business operations, safety and/or its reputation, CLUB SIHLPARK is entitled to terminate the contract at any time without compensation.

5. Prices
The prices are based on the separate rates of CLUB SIHLPARK. The prices are given in Swiss francs. Price changes are possible at any time, with the offers made by CLUB SIHLPARK remaining valid until the expiry of the period announced in writing.

6. Billing
The invoices issued by CLUB SIHLPARK are structured in detail and are generally payable within 20 days of receipt.
A payment on account for the services of CLUB SIHLPARK Schweiz over 50% of the total amount is due after the order or booking has been confirmed. If the deposit is not paid within the specified period, CLUB SIHLPARK is entitled to terminate the contract. After the event, CLUB SIHLPARK issues a final statement with any deviations. The details of invoicing are regulated in Section 8.

7. Liability
The liability of CLUB SIHLPARK is in all cases limited to intent and gross negligence and is in no case liable for consequential damage. All liability claims for personal injury, theft or damage to objects brought along and all other claims for compensation by the customer against CLUB SIHLPARK are excluded.

8. Number of participants and invoicing
The number of participants is binding and decisive for invoicing. If the number of participants increases, the invoice amount increases accordingly, whereby a 10% increase in the number of participants does not result in any costs. If there are fewer participants, the originally specified number of participants remains binding for invoicing.

9. Termination/Cancellation of Event or Services by Client
If an event or the agreed service is canceled after the conclusion of the contract (see 2.), the third-party costs incurred (e.g. entertainment program, graphic and technical work, ordering goods, etc.) including cancellation costs and the services of Event-Art must be paid in full by the customer .
In the event of cancellation/cancellation, the following conditions apply:
up to 30 days before the agreed event / services: 50% of the total amount
1-29 days before the agreed event/services: 100% of the total amount
In the event of annulment or cancellation, CLUB SIHLPARK will not provide any refunds. A cancellation or annulment must be made in writing.

10. Rent
The rental of premises, furniture and materials of any kind is based on the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations, unless otherwise agreed below. Rental fees for items that have not been used cannot be subsequently refunded.

11. Liability for rental property and furniture
The customer is liable for negligently caused damage to the rental property and to the inventory/furnishings of the rental property, as well as for any damage arising from improper use and use contrary to the contract.

12. Governing Law
The legal relationship between the customer and CLUB SIHLPARK is subject to Swiss law.

13. Jurisdiction
Place of jurisdiction for any disputes between the customer is Zürich.